Boy With a Ball works to better cities by reaching young people and equipping them to be leaders capable of turning and transforming their communities.


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Improving the world by investing in young people

Contrary to the movies these days, our world isn’t saved through superheroes. In real life, the great problems facing the world right now - poverty, human trafficking, high school dropout rates and the like - have to be solved without the likes of Thor, Tony Starks or the Incredible Hulk. They are solved by everyday people like you.

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Give what you have in your hands today and immediately change lives forever.

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Today you are faced with an epic opportunity: Your life, your talents and even your family are capable of making a powerful difference in the world.

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You’re not done yet. There is more to become, more to reach for, greater things to do and see. Join us.

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We believe the most high impact, low-cost way to improve the world is by investing in young people. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.


Flourishing Neighborhoods

The powerful story of Cata, Glori, Karla and the Precario. In San Jose, Costa Rica, like so many places in the world, wealthy, powerful people do not spend time in high-risk, high-poverty neighborhoods. So on a Saturday morning in 2008, when Glori and Cata, students at Costa Rica's...

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Catalytic Leaders

Esmeralda first came to Boy With a Ball needing help to stay in school. Having grown up on the island of Ometepe in the shadow of two volcanoes, the recent high school graduate needed a scholarship to be able to attend the university in Managua.

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High-Impact Graduates

Imagine what could happen if young people were not only reached but then equipped to turn and impact the lives of younger students in their community. Imagine the power of a young person who has seen his or her own life make a difference in another person's life.



Our stories will inspire your heart and help you find your place within the Boy With a Ball Community.

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There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today.
About half of them survive on less than $2 a day.