Boy With a Ball’s Model: Transformative Community Building

T.V.O.M.S:C, Boy With a Ball’s transformative community building model, is composed of what we believe to be the most significant pieces of the community itself. Combining the efforts of committed volunteers and passionate staff, the vision of reaching and developing their city’s youth population is pursued by driven teams. Committed volunteers go out into the community of local universities, faith centers, and businesses in order to invite anyone to be a part of powerfully transforming their own city.

Team members and volunteers choose a city’s most hard to reach neighborhoods and come together in a number of outreach methods that build relationships with every resident in an economically disadvantaged community. Team members, volunteers, and community members then turn and provide mentoring relationships to young people and their family members who are facing moments of opportunity or crisis. As community members are identified as facing similar situations, supportive small groups are formed which meet in community homes. Often, these groups include mothers’ groups, children’s group, tutoring centers, job skills training, ESL groups and leaders’ group. As these teams and volunteers pour out continual outreach that build on each other, the community is powerfully developed.

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