We are a group of individuals that believe that we can all be super heroes filled with passion and motivation to see the world we live in changed to forever. Our mission is to betters cities by reaching young people and equipping them to turn and transform their communities.


We leverage relational forces.

We are changing the world by by building devoted friendships.


We help harpoon dreams.

We exist to help people reach their greatest dreams.


We unleash compassion.

We help people love better as a way to help people live better.


We see a world ahead where the young people in our hands, in our families, in our communities are laughing, giggling, thriving. We see cities filled with vibrant, young leaders, rising to build neighborhoods, companies and countries.

We see communities where every living generation is cherished and given opportunity to share their God-given talents and experiences. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this vision a reality.